Squirm Exploratory Box

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Squirm invites you to look at usual things with unusual eyes. A box of chocolates is a box of chocolates but a box of Squirm is an adventure. Moving past gift giving of-the-usual, we give people the toys for play without instructions or agenda. With, "The Squirm Exploratory Box", you are free to invent and find new ways to use your imagination. Creativity is built into the design. All you have to do is set your mind free and feel.

The Exploratory Box was designed to offer a plethora of sensation options to explore solo or with a partner. Allow yourself to experience super soft to scratchy to tingly sensations with a satin blindfold to heighten awareness and focus. 

The exploratory box comes insides our Signature black, with silver logo Squirm box with magnetic closure, and includes:

1 Satin Eye Mask

2 Squirm Claws 

1 Pinwheel

2 Rabbit Fur Gloves

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